ENTERTAINMENT FACILITIES                                                          

Our restaurant, seating over 200 people is open from 9 a.m. until 11 p.m.  Our African and International menus are available throughout the day whether it be breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks.  Music throughout the day livens up your dining experience.

Ice Cream Shop
Breeze Point also has its own ‘Italian quality’ artisan ice cream shop.


Our well equipped gym is the perfect place to stay in shape.

Children’s Playground
Our children’s playground is a secure and protected sandy area with play sets that will keep your children entertained during their stay at Breeze Point.


Swimming Pool
Whether it’s just lounging in the refreshing water of our large swimming pool, taking a swim or relaxing at the poolside, everyone will enjoy the Breeze Point pool. 

There is also a section dedicated to small children, three years and up.


Cinema and Theatre
With over one hundred seats, each and every guest has perfect vision of the stage where numerous films and theatrical presentations are scheduled throughout the year.



There is also a satellite t.v. service offering important sports events like the much sought after Italian, English and Spanish soccer matches held weekly through the season.

Places to Relax
The Breeze Point Pub is the perfect place to relax over cocktails while enjoying soft music and a lovely sea breeze.


Artisan Workshop
An artisan workshop specializing in  leather items is located within the Breeze Point complex.  Guests can choose from various handmade items such as sandals, handbags and more from the show room or they may order items specially designed around their specific requests. 


Billiards / table tennis / Darts / table football 

On the top floor of Mpera you can 'play billiards, ping pong, darts and table football.


Mini-golf and bowling

 Children and adults can play in a mini golf and bowling on the top floor of Mnazi.