Become a part of “Malindi Breeze Point” buy a part of Africa at a reasonable price,

a retreat to escape to far away from your everyday life which can, at times, be overwhelming.

This is an extremely intelligent way to purchase your apartment – you purchase the apartment for the time period in which you will use it.  In fact, why do you buy a house for a year if you can only live there for 3 weeks per year?


A known problem of the holiday home is the long-distance management and maintenance.  With the multiple ownership option of Breeze Point, your home will be kept in perfect condition and you will not have to worry about anything, except enjoying yourself.

You will have at your disposal the swimming pool, mini golf, restaurant, pub, disco and a cinema hall, with the live screening of key football matches,

as well as a number of other services offered by Breeze Point, including satellite TV, internet link-up, surveillance and a reception staff available to help you during your stay in every way, including offering you amazing safaris.

The 'safety deposit' for Breeze Point customers is at your disposal – here you may

leave your diving equipment, books, other objects, clothes etc that you do not wish to take back to Europe.


Stays run from Saturday to Saturday, 52 weeks per year – you may purchase your weeks on the basis of your needs and availability of use.


All apartments are equipped with small kitchen and are different shapes & sizes:


A – B – C – D – E


You may choose the apartment which most meets your needs: size, shape and cost.



As well as a contract of purchase, you will also receive a free 3-year subscription to

an 'apartment-swapping' company, which would give you the opportunity to visit another part of the world, 'swapping' your apartment with somebody else.

Otherwise you may create a contract with the selling agent and receive a rendering of 5% on the price paid with no maintenance costs.

Purchase your place in the sun – a retreat where you can get away from the stress of

everyday life.