The purchase of an apartment at a Hotel-Resort is the best solution.

Of course, this solution would be suitable for somebody who has a few months per year at

his disposal in which he could use the apartment, otherwise the best formula would be the Time - share.

If you wish to 'winter in the heat, (In Malindi there are 9 months of sun and from October to March the sun shines every day and the climate helps to alleviate all your 'aches and pains), the purchase of an apartment is not only an excellent investment, but it is also the east expensive option.


There are a number of advantages in the purchase of an appartment at the Malindi Breeze Point Hotel:

1. Security:  at Breeze Point, there are people who live in the resort permanently. 

The Resort is surrounded by a wall on which are installed electrical grids which keep out intruders; if the grids are cut, an alarm sounds in the surveillance office and within minutes the guards arrive, often accompanied by the local police.


2. Maintenance:  all maintenance is carried out by the Hotel and all problems are addressed and risolved by the Hotel Management.

3. Lighting and electricity:  In Kenya power cuts are frequent and can last for several hours; a generator as big as a room gurantees lighting and  electricity throughout the Resort at all times.

4. Services:  everything in the Resort is within easy reach, from the restaurant to the pub, from the laundry service to the reception services. 


The daily cleaning of the apartments, breakfast in your room included in the price, are all things, big or small, which make your holiday a real moment of relaxation and pleasure.

5.Socialization:  at Breeze Point, you will never be alone and you can make many interesting and pleasant friends and acquaintances from all over the world

The apartments available are different types and sizes:

 A.  One-room apartment with kitchenette area, bathroom with shower (2 pax.)

B. Two-room apartment with living room / kitchenette area, one bedroom, bathroom with shower (4 pax.)

C. Three-room apartment with living room /  kitchenette area, two bedrooms, bathroom with shower (4 pax.)

All apartments are elegantly furnished and are equipped with kitchen utensils, fridge and satellite television.



The price of the the apartment varies on the basis of its' size, position and whether it has a terrace/veranda.

We advise all possible buyers to spend at least one week in the Hotel to appreciate the advantages of purchasing an apartment at Breeze Point;  if you then decide to buy an apartment your stay will be offered by the selling agent.




Payments may be agreed with the selling agent on a 'made to measure' basis, with the possibility of extending payment to a maximum of 60 monthly installments at European tax interest rates; only a 20% deposit required for purchase.





FOR INFORMATION CONTACT A:  gestione2010@legalmail.it